Indoor training

Rollers and turbo-trainers are a great way to stay active through the winter or add extra sessions to your weekly training. So whether you’re looking to develop your general fitness, boost your endurance or increase your powers of recovery, it’s more productive and motivational to plan an appropriately focused session. It helps to have a heart rate monitor and cadence sensor for these sessions but it’s not entirely essential.

Warm up

All sessions must start with a warm up. The standard ‘world class’ warm up is shown on the right. This is used across all levels and disciplines at British Cycling and takes 20 minutes to complete. (At first this may be all you can manage to do.)

Session focus

Once warmed up, the main focus of the session begins. Decide what you are looking to improve and choose an appropriate activity from British Cycling’s range of indoor sessions. There are a wide selection of plans to choose on the British Cycling website here:

For example:




If these sessions seem too much at first, reduce the number of repetitions or intensity and gradually build up to the full session.

Cool down

10 minutes of easy spinning to finish the session.