Our story

Bigfoot Youth CC was formed in 2009, when it was initially called Bigfoot Go-Ride. It was formed as a "Go-Ride" club under the auspices of British Cycling, to develop cycle skills and encourage cycle racing among children. Our activities are delivered by a dedicated team of volunteers, and the club is managed by a volunteer board of directors.

We have three sections: the Junior branch caters for children aged 7 to 11 with Saturday morning sessions. The Youth branch was launched in 2014, aimed at secondary school age children. Then in 2015 we launched a further section, the Mini branch, for children aged 5 to 7

All three together form the junior division of Bigfoot CC a local cycling club that was named after Bigfoot Bike Shop in Hayes (which is now Panagua Bikes).

A not-for-profit limited company

Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club Ltd was formed on Monday 29 October 2018 after the club decided to move the club's activities from being run by an 'unincorporated' organisation to an 'incorporated' Company Limited by Guarantee. The reason for the change was to enable to club itself (rather than individual committee members) to enter into contracts and hold assets on behalf of the club.

In the section below you will find legal information about the company, along with minutes of Directors' meetings.

We have a meeting each month to plan and organise the club’s activities and we would welcome anyone from our club to come to the meeting (whether to provide comments, to help the running of the club or to see what we get up to!).

Directors meeting minutes