Go-Ride Gears programme

Introducing the Go-Ride Gears programme

Bigfoot Youth CC was one of the first cycling clubs in the UK to introduce a formal assessment scheme for our riders. Similar to the badges and certificates awarded in swimming and athletics, the Go-Ride Gears programme is our way of recognising and rewarding our members for their hard work in developing cycling skills and fitness.

The Go-Ride Gears programme is based on the activities set out in British Cycling's Go-Ride Gears Coaching Workbooks. These activities form the basis of our structured coaching programme at Bigfoot Youth CC. Using these activities as the foundation of our assessment programme ensures we regularly measure our riders' progress and development as an integral part of our work.

There are currently four Gears awards, and the aim is that each new member will achieve one award during each year of their membership. This is only a target though, as some riders will progress more quickly, while others will need more time to develop their skills and fitness. A number of riders who have already been members for some time before the programme was introduced will be able to complete more than one award in a year.

What does the Go-Ride Gears programme cover?

The Go-Ride Gears programme covers a wide range of cycling skills and activities, with each of the four stages of the programme requiring greater levels of technical skill and fitness. The main areas that the programme covers are:

Bike handling techniques (e.g. balance and coordination, manipulating points of contact, and weight shift)

Core cycling techniques (e.g. pedalling, braking, and cornering)

Group riding techniques (e.g. leading and following, riding next to another rider, and riding in contact with another rider)

Races and racing techniques (e.g. cyclocross, team sprint, and cross country MTB race)

We assess riders regularly and keep records on our assessment database. Certificates and Go-Ride Gears wristbands are awarded to each rider when they have completed Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

Where exercises cannot be properly assessed at Hayes or Bromley College we may use our outings to external venues or South London Go-Ride Racing League events to form part of the assessment.

If you have any questions about the Go-Ride Gears programme just ask any of our coaches.