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Affiliate membership category launched

posted 30 Oct 2017, 08:52 by Bigfoot Go-Ride   [ updated 30 Oct 2017, 08:52 ]
Affiliate Membership is a new membership category aimed at existing Bigfoot Go-Rde and Youth club riders who have actively participated in the club over a long period of time and are no longer able to attend coaching sessions, e.g. due to clashes with other sporting activities or academic studies. Affiliate Membership will be granted at the discretion of one of Bigfoot Go-Ride's lead coaches upon application from the rider to the club – the club will then maintain a register of the Affiliate Members. Affiliate Members will be subject to all the Rules, Regulations, Codes of Conduct, etc. required by the club of all other riders.
What can the rider do as an Affiliate Member?
It does not allow the Rider to take part in the regular coaching activities at our club bases, but instead it allows participation in all other club activities and events – including organised rides, cycling at other venues and races. Most of these activities are either free or require payment on the day by those who attend.
What are the fees?
There are no termly coaching fees to be paid by Affiliate Members. The only costs are those when participating in an event or activity that requires all participants to pay. However Affiliate Members are required to have and maintain Race Silver membership with British Cycling, at the Affiliate Member's own expense, and with that membership linking the Affiliate Member to "Bigfoot Go-Ride."
How does the rider find out about events and activities?
Affiliate Members can look on the club's website and will receive relevant email newsletters, just needing to ignore matters related to regular coaching sessions at our club bases.
Can an Affiliate Member take part in any of the club's bike hire schemes, or other initiatives related to bikes or equipment?
In short, no. However if the Affiliate Member is already in a bike hire scheme they may continue as part of that scheme. Affiliate Members will not be able to benefit from other initiatives related to bikes or equipment.
What if the rider's circumstances change?
If the Affiliate Member is able to resume club coaching sessions, please contact the club and we will give the rider priority to re-join coaching sessions, though it may be subject to there being capacity at the coaching sessions. If the rider no longer wants to or is unable to continue with Affiliate Membership please contact the club so we can remove the rider from our membership records.

To apply for Affiliate Membership, please email